Taza 80% Dark Chocolate


WHEN: 26 May, 2009.

WHAT: Taza Stone Ground Organic Chocolate, 80% Dark.  Bean origin – Dominican Republic.  Batch #195.  3oz (85g).  Price range: $$$.


AROMA: Walnut shells, clear fruit notes, but less intense than with the 70%.  Overall the aromas flowing from the Taza bars have been amazing potent and pleasant.  As I was taking the photos of the tasting squares, I was overwhelmed with the floral fruity scents.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS:  Apples, pine, vanilla.

MIDDLE TASTE – Apple, berries, banana, blueberry.

FINISH:  Oak, wood pulp, celery, raisins, citrus late.  Never really grabs with anything more than mild astringency – this is smooth enough for me.

TEXTURE:  Granular, grainy, rustic texture is still found even at 80% cacao, so I’m convinced the stone-ground process has a lot to do with this after all.  I would say that the Chocolate Mexicano is the most granular, owing some of this to the sugar, but the 80% Dark still asserts itself as a chocolate with a personality…and personality goes a long way.

Finally, I’ll take a look at the Chocolate Mexicano – Guajillo Chilli and provide some overall impressions of the Taza bunch.

Disclosures: I paid for this chocolate myself.


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