PRESS RELEASE: NewLeaf Chocolates Successfully Ships Chocolate to Texas in the Heat of Summer using its GreenPod™ Sustainable Packaging

ARLINGTON, Mass., September 2009 – In a test of its earth-friendly GreenPodTM packaging, NewLeaf Chocolates successfully shipped premium chocolates to Florida, New Mexico and Texas despite temperatures exceeding 90 degrees.  “Chocolate enthusiasts want access to a wide selection of premium and artisan chocolates online, but many don’t like the environmental impact of conventional shipping materials” says Genevieve Oba, Co-founder.  “We refuse to ship our chocolate in polystyrene foam boxes.”

This created a problem for the company – how to prevent damage to the fine chocolate caused by heat and shock while avoiding the environmental impact of polystyrene foam insulation or plastic bags. To address these concerns, the company has developed a unique packaging solution.  The GreenPodTM sustainable packaging uses only plant-based materials that are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.  NewLeaf Chocolates is currently shipping all its chocolate using the new package design with no additional cost to customers.

Ms. Oba continues “We are delighted at the results of the testing in July and August.  Our customers are a more sophisticated group that seeks the best chocolates, but also wants to do the right thing for the planet.”  Sherri Weeks, a chocolate enthusiast from Plano Texas reports: “… I was impressed by the way they packaged their product to ensure that the quality of the chocolate was not sacrificed during shipping… attention to details made ordering from NewLeaf Chocolates a great experience, not to mention that the chocolate tasted delightful!”

Moving into the fall season now, NewLeaf Chocolates will ship using a simpler GreenPod, but one that is still constructed entirely of sustainable plant-based materials.  The company plans to develop additional GreenPod designs to handle larger chocolate products.  These new designs will be put into action starting in the spring of 2010.  GreenPod TM is a trademark of NewLeaf Chocolates.


LeafLogo_cleaned_crop_JPEGNewLeaf Chocolates is a unique online shop for premium and artisan chocolates.  They strive to protect the planet in everything they do and affirm this commitment in three tangible ways:   by donating a portion of all sales to environmental charities, by continuously innovating within their GreenPod sustainable packaging initiative, and by focusing their offering on the world’s best organic and fair trade chocolates.  NewLeaf Chocolates is a member of 1% for the Planet.


Genevieve Oba

NewLeaf Chocolates


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