Amedei Venezuela Single Origin Cru Chocolate

Amedei Venezuela Dark Chocolate

Amedei tells their story on the inside of the Venezuela Chocolate wrapper - in Italian...and English.

As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been an online review of Amedei Venezuela chocolate since 2005 and at that time it was only available as 5 g tasting squares.   Knowing that chocolate makers can tweak their methods over time and seasonal weather patterns can affect the beans, it seems like we are overdue to taste this bar.  I’m happy to grab a full 50 g bar now and see what’s new with this dark chocolate.

Amedei’s “I Cru” series of chocolates each use cacao beans from a different region and plantation.  The crus are created to express the unique climate and conditions in one small area as well as the farmer’s efforts to preserve a genetic lineage in the cacao beans going back for generations.  In the Venezuela Cru, the beans are technically of the trinitario variety, but Amedei explains they have a genetic make-up that is more than 85% criollo.  Amedei uses this combination of location and premium beans to create a unique and satisfying chocolate.

WHAT:  Amedei Venezuela Single Origin Cru Chocolate.  70% Cacao. 50 g.  Ingredients: cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla. May contain traces of hazelnut, almond, pistachio, walnut, milk. Where to buy Amedei Venezuela.

WHEN: February 13, 2011


AROMA:  Honey, banana, tea, angel food cake, vanilla.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS:  Starts with cinnamon, cafe-au-lait and moves quickly into all the rest.

MIDDLE TASTE:  Cafe-au-lait, coffee, a hint of blueberry, green apple.  Very pleasant with slight to moderate complexity.

FINISH:  Grapefruit, clean acidity, orange blossom, fades to little tinge of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Most of the floral notes show up here.

TEXTURE:  Ultrafine and smooth.

LAST BITE: Amedei has risen quickly to high stature in the chocolate world, propelled, in part, by winning the “Golden Bean” award for Amedei 9.  The Golden Bean  goes to the best bean-to-bar chocolate at the World Chocolate Awards, London.  This doesn’t mean that all of their bars are fantastic, but there’s no doubt that they’re of consistently high quality and among the best in the world.  For some people, many of Amedei’s bars are too delicate and balanced – like a sort of a Merlot of chocolate – pleasing to everyone, offending no one, but not taking any risks.

I don’t see a big problem with a chocolate that everyone likes, but more importantly, we should recognize the challenge and culinary risk-taking Amedei embraces when working with single origin beans. They don’t have the luxury of using a blend of different beans to balance the flavors as in Amedei 9.  Instead, the beans from one region or plantation must be tamed by experimentation and hard work – like turning a wild horse into a gentle yet powerful, beautiful creature anyone can ride.  Pleasing to everyone?  I hope so.


[1] The term “Cru” is another word borrowed from the wine world.  For French wine it’s used to designate a specific growth place such as one plantation or winery.  This is a more narrow designation than say, Bordeaux A.O.C., where the grapes are allowed to come from anywhere in the region including many different vineyards.  Cru wines, on the other hand, are supposed to express the terroir of that single vineyard.

[2] I paid for this bar myself.
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3 responses to “Amedei Venezuela Single Origin Cru Chocolate

  1. Hello Walter, I really like your review here on the Amedei Venezuela, I like the chocolate a lot, it reminds me of entering Hediard (Place de la Madeleine) Paris. First opening the door to the confit fruits and following the coffee-spices range…
    PS could I use some of your comments, for my blog (with credits to you)?

    • Hey Geert, please feel free to use my post as you proposed. I’m slowing down my tastings a bit for the summer, but plan to taste Francois Pralus next. Which bar I taste will remain a mystery for now! If you have a chance, please hit the new Google +1 button on my blog or posts. Ironically, it may not be visible in Google Chrome, but you should be able to see it in other browsers such as Internet Explorer.

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