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Antidote Raw 100% with Dates Dark Chocolate

Antidote 100 plus dates_cor1I normally taste chocolate for these reviews first thing in the morning before I eat anything, and this time was no different. I set up some space to taste while my pallet came back to life after a deep winter’s sleep.  One whiff of this darkest of chocolates and I was immediately awake and hungry.  I couldn’t help but to dive into the tasting curious to discover how the bits of dates would enhance the chocolate – would they provide sweetness or just an accent?

Unlike in my previous Antidote Chocolate review, this bar contains no sugar, so it’s in a completely different class of dark, nearly black chocolate bars with only a few peers to keep it company.  For that reason, I’ve decided not to give it a numerical score – it just doesn’t equate to most of the other chocolates I’ve reviewed so far.  People eat extreme dark bars for many reasons, but for most it’s about a sugar-free healthy experience loaded with antioxidants.

Antidote uses raw organic cacao beans from the Camino Verde farm in Ecuador to make a potent dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes and Review of Antidote Raw 100% Cacao with Dates

WHAT: Antidote Raw 100% Cacao with Bits of Delicate Dates. 65g (2.3 oz). Ingredients: Cacao beans*, dates, cocao butter*.  *Certified organic. 

Where to buy Antidote Chocolate.

WHEN: November 26, 2015   OVERALL RATING: n/a.

AROMA: Floral and tannic with citrus, green apple, black tea and banana.  You can’t escape the nose.  It will find you.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Grape skin, tannin, black tea.  Starts off slow and flat. You need to do some chewing to develop the range of flavors.

MIDDLE TASTE: Rose, malt, light ham, grape skin, cardamom, olive.

FINISH: Tannin gives way to almonds, walnuts, and more earthy notes like mushroom.  The finish is long lasting and less intense than the middle.

TEXTURE: On the crunchy end. Doesn’t melt on the tongue readily.

Antidote 100 warning crp

The warning on the back says it all. If you’re used to buying chocolate from the pharmacy, this might not be for you.  For the adventurous, *****

LAST BITE: What about the dates?  Don’t expect the dates to magically turn this bar into candy.  It’s not that kind of chocolate.  In fact, the dates don’t provide much of a sweetening effect – it’s more like a fruity note singing out from a small rowboat tossed about in a massive sea of cacao. Still, I’m glad they’re there.  My only advice for Antidote would be to chop the dates finer and add more of them so they are more like a chorus among the mighty waves of cacao.  There may be practical reasons why this is not possible, but it’s an idea worth considering. Or they may feel the bar simply rocks as is.

If you decide to try this bar, like many things in life, clarify your intentions first.  Do it because it’s satisfying, healthy, unique and fun.  I no longer felt hungry after a 3-4 squares (more than most people will ever need) and broke out from my usual somewhat sugared-up routine. Feels good.


[1] I paid for this bar myself (not a free sample).


Five States Consider Laws to Ban Chocolate

Chocolate BanApril 1, 2011, Washington, D.C. – FPress International – In a move that threatens to undermine the spreading trend to legalize marijuana, Idaho took the lead in drafting a bill to criminalize chocolate.  The law, if passed, would place severe limits on the sale or possession of any solid or drinking chocolate in the state.  Authors of the bill cite undisputed reports in scientific journals documenting that chocolate contains a multitude of psychoactive compounds.  Among these is anandamine, a molecule also found in marijuana, albeit in much larger quantities [1,2,3].

Mildred Blancofacia (Idaho), co-author of the bill explains:  “Tolerance of hedonism in this country is out of control.   It only makes sense at this time to enforce a prohibition on chocolate in any form so that our citizens can focus more on hard work and family values.”  Some chocolate sales would still be allowed for those who have a medical need or for external use such as in spa treatments:  “We’ve made a provision in the law to allow limited chocolate sales to people with certain conditions, but only at state-run cocoa dispensaries.”

Chocolate advocacy groups are already starting to organize against the new legislation.  Mary J. Lunavahker, co-chair of Mothers For Chocolate, MoFoCho, sees the bills as regressive:  “You know the government is going to just hand out over-roasted cocoa beans diluted with vegetable oil, artificial vanilla and extra sugar.  We want our single-origin artisan chocolate and we will fight for it!  Besides, this is just a way for the states to make money taxing chocolate at a time when prices for cacao beans are going through the roof.”  Opponents of the bill also point out that chocolate is widely thought to provide broad health benefits when eaten in moderation.  Lunavahker continues: “Any move to ban it would compromise the health of our nation.”

Plans are already underway to monitor chocolate sales at the federal level.  According to Chester Wilson of the DEA, “Distribution of these substances will be strictly controlled.”  So far no violence has resulted over the issue, but federal authorities are concerned about what will happen when supply is shut off.  Wilson explains: “Idaho is a big state and most people are not going to drive to Canada or Nevada to get their fill.  We fully expect smuggling routes and mobile chocolate labs to become active within weeks.”

Four other states are expected to quickly follow suit to institute chocolate bans including Kansas and Alabama.


[1] Di Tomaso, E., M. Beltramo, and D. Piomelli (1996) Brain cannabinoids in chocolate.  Nature 382:677-678.


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