Where to buy?

NewLeaf Chocolates

The New Way to Get Chocolate

NewLeaf Chocolates carries many of the chocolates that are reviewed in this blog, but not all of them.  The tastings conducted for kokobuzz.com are used to help select chocolates to be offered at NewLeaf Chocolates.  First and foremost, the chocolate must taste great, but that’s not all.  Producers are reviewed for their use of organically-farmed cocoa and fair trade practices (these can take many forms).  Finally, other criteria are considered such as balancing the offering between “fun” and “prestigous” chocolates and including hard-to-find items.

If there is a product that you see on the blog or anywhere that you would like to see on NewLeaf Chocolates, please send a note to:  info@newleafchocolates.com.

2 responses to “Where to buy?

  1. Hi, Do you ship into South Africa



    • Hello Anthony, sorry NewLeaf Chocolates doesn’t ship to South Africa due to the distance and potential for heat. I will let you know if they add this service in the future (e.g. by overnight air). Thanks – Walter

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